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Registered Add Qinhuangdao, China
Type of business billiards table, pool table, billiards cues, billiards tips, billiards glove, billiards cloth
Main Market US, UK, Norway, Australia, Canada, South Arica, Rwanda, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
Brand JOY
Established in 1998

Qinhuangdao Joy Billiard Promotion Co., Ltd. is the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group, which is the leading manufacturer of pool table, and yearly production capability is 10000 sets high-end billiard table.  At present, it takes the first place in domestic high-end Chinese pool area. Joy table gets 7 technology patents which including one English patent.


“JOY”brand table is the model of high-end table and acknowledged by the industry.

At present,More than 3000 top-class clubs are using Joy tables. Increasing 500 Joy top-class clubs each year. 


Joy also provide event services. It is devided into 3 parts: Professional tournament, Events for famous players, Amateurs match. Meanwhile, Joy leads to organize the Chinese 8 ball media alliance and over 30 units report JOY’s tournament at same time, such as CCTV 5, The xinhua news Agency, People's Daily, Sports Weekly, China sports daily, Sohu, Sina and AZB etc.



From the statistics of 2014, more than 2 million people watched our qualification on online. accumulative total 15 million families watch the final competition on TV. Over 20 million fans has been watching our match videos on Internet.  And increasing over 500 thousand network news pages during a year. The hits of JOY’s news and videos are more than 80 million times

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