Hire Pool Table

  • Hire Pool Table
  • Hire Pool Table
Hire Pool Table
  • JOY Bing table
  • Qinhuangdao, China
  • 30 days
  • 500 set/month

Chinese pool table
Low cost
High income

Product specification: Outer Frame size: 2820*1550*850mm  Inner frame size: 2540*1270mm

Product appearance: Chinese 8-Ball table, 4-4.2mm thick slate , the same table plane as JOY Q3+ table.

Product features:

The whole steel structure has good stability.

High temperature painted surface, more wear-resistant than wood painted ;

Semi closed coin-operated billiard table, Iron wire layout rail, Anti block balls

The balls collecting box is sealed by 2mm thick iron plate with high safety coefficient.

Separated table, Easy to transport.


Australian wool cloth (1 set); Cyclops balls (1 set); 3 cues; Tip (5 pieces); Brush (1 piece); Chalk (5 pieces); Metal Lampshade (1 set); Table cover (1 set)

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JOY, the leader of Chinese eight ball
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