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The hard ball head absorbs or stays on the main ball less time than the soft ball head when batting. Because of this, the hard ball head produces less rotation and is more likely to lose the ball when the main ball hits further away from the center point. They will play more consistently, for longer periods of time and require less maintenance.

For most billiard players, medium skills are usually the best choice because they combine Master ball control and consistency. Most medium techniques will make you spin well, but not as deformed or worn as quickly as softer techniques. The vast majority of club manufacturers will install some form of medium hardness club head on the club as a standard club head. For example, the "Predator" (Predator), "Lucasi Custom", McDermott (McDermott), 5280 pounds, "poison" (Poison) and Viking (Viking) and other brands of high-grade leather shoe tips are standard, These shoe tips are basically the equivalent of Tiger Everest Everest.

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Phenolic club heads (or carbon fibers) are now standard problems for most break clubs, and they are very hard club heads. The broken serve usually hits near the center of the main ball, so the phenolic ball head, while as hard as the ball itself, can still hit a smooth, solid blow on the main ball without making a mistake. The tip of phenols is very popular because they transmit the most energy and require little maintenance.

Note: Some billiard halls, leagues or tournaments do not allow non-leather (phenol) tips, so be sure to check if you think this may be a problem.

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When you look at how many club tips there are today, you'll find that they can be overwhelming. That's why we created the final billiard prompt guide. Using the digital hardness meter, we will measure the tip density of each club we carry.

As for the advantages and disadvantages of different density clubs, at the most basic level, the softer the club head, the more likely the club is to be mushroom or flattened each time it hits the ball. This means that soft skills require more maintenance than hard techniques.

Players who like soft tips think there is a relationship between the softness of tips and English. Their theory is that softer ball skills can make players more English and better able to control the ball. In addition, softer nib is usually easier to wear and has a better chalk retention rate. Hard skills, on the other hand, require much less maintenance than soft skills. They stay shaped and don't swell as quickly as mushrooms, so when you replace the soft tip with a hard tip, you don't have to change your tip often.

In the final analysis, it depends on personal preferences. Take a look at your own game and you should be able to determine which technique is best for you.

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