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Billiards Board of the main manufacturer, our billiard board is through the King Kong honing Mill, precision processing, leveling to 0.1-0.2mm. Because our goal is to provide only high quality billiards, every piece of slate we deliver is subject to rigorous testing. We are producing more and more. As a result, we can supply 10x20 ' containers on a regular basis every month. Slate is a fine granular, hard rock made up of clay, mica, quartz and other minerals. Because it is a durable stone with a low moisture absorption rate and a stable surface, it is ideal for use in billiards. Slate is located in countries such as Wales, Spain, Brazil, Italy and China. 

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Depending on the mineral content of a particular area, slate can be available in a variety of colors. Most billiard boards are grey or black; This color is of course very popular with billiards tables. The quality of billiards board is important in terms of plane, the hard plane fact of Italian slate, Brazilian slate and WESTONE slate is that the Italian slate is extracted from the ground and relatively soft. It is hardly suitable for outdoor use, but is suitable for billiards tables. Because it is soft, Italian slate is more flexible. Historically, Italy has been a major source of slate production in the world's billiards industry. From open-pit mining, most Brazilians, our WESTONE slate is harder than the Italian slate, and the WESTONE slate is slightly more Microsoft than the Brazilian slate. The processing process is difficult, but wet slate is hardly sensitive to abuse. WESTONE and Brazilian slate are not easy to bend, and they are less prone to fracture. Weston Billiards Board Storage is large, affected by hardness, our billiard board needs to carry out complex measurement and surfacing operations, resulting in a very flat surface. The important factor of slate quality is the smoothness of plate. After proper handling, all Brazilian, Italian and Weston billiards boards are ideal for use in billiards. For the billiard table, there is no better than slate to play the surface, only to provide the best quality billiards board, more and more billiards, snooker, billiards table manufacturers Choose Billiards board as the base of the billiard table in Europe and North America to use. 

american style pool table Brands

Plane degree, quality slate essential elements, through accurate art processing, process strict monitoring of WESTONE professionals, this strict processing technology and maintenance production of high quality, flat, exact into the hole, and pocket class to (quality), more mode, delivery time, decisive compensation, if the breakthrough long-distance transport (service), Guaranteed by WESTONE. In fact, the smoothness of the WESTONE slate is 100% tested and measured before opening the window. Although natural differences (such as hardness, color changes) occur in Italy, Brazil, and WESTONE Billiards board, playability and longevity are the same. Finished product: Weston billiard table Slate has a variety of patterns. We can customize various specifications of billiards table, billiards table, billiard board according to customer drawings, specifications ranging from 6 ' to 12 '. There are three types of billiard table boards, one for a set, three for a set, five pieces for a set. Pattern: can be customized according to customer requirements of Billiards table board any pattern, thickness is not limited. (6 ', 7 ', 8 ', 9 ', 10 ' billiards table, 8 ', 9 ', 10 ', 11 ', 12 ' snooker billiards table), if you are interested in our billiard table, please contact us in the query mode.

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